Boun Lod Fundraiser

Boun Lod isn’t the only one who’s had a recent birthday. Linde Farley turned 65 in August, and Dave McNeill turned 70 a few days ago. Dave and Linde have been major supporters of, and fundraisers for, Boun Lod since they first heard her story in 2007.

As part of their joint birthday celebrations, Linde and Dave decided to host a combination birthday bash and Boun Lod fundraiser that will take place in Waterton Park on Saturday, Sept 19. Funds raised will help with Boun Lod’s expenses for her next trip to the Cincinnati Shriners Hospital expected sometime in mid 2016.

Thanks Dave and Linde! And thanks to all the folks who have already made donations, or who are planning to do so on Saturday. We’ll see you there.


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