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Boun Lod’s First Two Surgeries

November 11, 2008

Boun Lod had her first surgery yesterday (November 10), and her second today.

Yesterday’s surgery was to release skin under each arm, while today’s surgery was to graft skin from her back onto the newly-released areas.

All things considered, Boun Lod has done very well. She didn’t cry or make a fuss going to the operating room either day, and she has been remarkably good-natured after returning from surgery.

Boun Lod had some pain, and nausea and vomiting yesterday, but the medical team seems to have found the perfect combination of medications for today’s surgery. The only thing she complained about after returning from surgery today was being hungry, and having an itch on her nose that she couldn’t scratch. She was even able to smile and laugh a bit, which is pretty remarkable given what she’s been through, and given the fact that her arms are splinted out at a 90° angle to her body and tightly wrapped in elastic bandages. (She’ll be like that for at least five days.)

Tomorrow the therapist is planning to get Boun Lod onto some type of wheeled stretcher so she can take her to the playroom to have some fun.

Via and Noy are also doing well. It’s tough for any of us to see a child in pain, but it’s got to be so much harder for the parents. Even though there have been a few tears shed, Via and Noy have been coping admirably.

The Shriners hospital is great, and the staff is wonderful. Everyone has been very kind, concerned, and helpful, and the medical care seems to be of the highest standard. Thanks Shriners!

More soon…