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Donations and Upcoming Events

September 13, 2008


We’ve had a tremendous response to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks to all those who have already made donations:

Crystal, Shane, and Grady Mackintosh; Saya and Chris Fryer; James Tweedie; Judy Huntley; Janine McClelland; Bob and Janet Costa; Curtis and Diane Eaton; Peggy and Randy Fryer; Frank and Donna Fairhurst; Ardell and Ray Harris; Howie and Pat Rowland, Howard G. Rowland Professional Corporation; Mary Scrimshaw; Paul Long, Kathy Mutch, Eric Long; Sybille Manneschmidt; Canyon School Staff; Kathy and Richard Brown; Sue and Roland Milligan; Alison J Rowland-Klimec and Samuel A F Klimec; Jean Sheppard; David Cavilla; Cathy Horsman; Dr. Stephan Schwarz; Dr. Christoph Eich; Mary-Jo and Peter Woolgar; Shannon Palmer; Stuart Mutch; Brent and Sally Woodard; Ron Mensaghi; Anne and Cliff Elle; M. R. Howe; A. Van Der Heijden; Dr. M. Greg Steed and Cheralyn Steed; John B. Lamb and Susan Petersen-Lamb; Scott Lamb; Garret Lamb; Cash collection Rotary Club Luncheon Meeting; Margaret Whittles; Rod and Evelyn Macaulay; Dr. Conleth & Mrs. Maris O’Maonaigh; Murray Taylor; Roy & Barbara Boese; Rocky View Mennonite Church; Harold and Nancy Brown; Doug and Sharon Ross; Brent and Trish McRae; Damburger Trucking; McRae Holdings; Nancy Tripp; Noreen Fischbuch; Cathy Scrimshaw & Gordon Petersen; Air Canada; Marion Petersen; Erna Kelly; Debora Crowshoe; Susan Weatherill; Ted and Heather Smith; S. De Wet Professional Corporation; Ronald or Mavis Hann; Students of the Pincher Creek Colony

There are also a number of upcoming fundraisers:

Bosch-Family-sponsored Bike Rally (burgers donated by McClelland Meats), Sept 20
Lao Fundraiser, Sept 20
Wine and Cheese, Dave McNeill, Linde Farley, Sept 27
Rotary Club Oktoberfest, Oct 3


We’re also working on other fundraising ideas and initiatives, and we’ll let you know more about them as they develop.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has helped so far, and thanks to all those who are working on upcoming fundraising events. Together, we’ll make it possible for Boun Lod to get the treatment she needs.